How To Tap Into The Lucrative Private Events Market, Position Your Band For Premium Quality Local Gigs And Score Those Top Dollar Bookings You Deserve

Dear Friend

Let me ask you a question...

Are you desperately searching for those better paid gigs you know you deserve?

Do you ever secretly wonder how bands half as good as yours pick up premium quality bookings at prestigious venues for high dollar fees?

Are you sick and tired of the low fees offered by bars, pubs and clubs because you know you're worth way more?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

“I want better bookings, not necessarily more”

“We need methods of reaching out to new clients”

“We lack the savvy to break into more desirable venues and private gigs”

“I just need to know how to market ourselves”

“We have a hard time selling ourselves”

Have you tried to get gigs using any of these methods?

I speak with numerous cover band musicians every week and notice commonalities in the way they approach the whole process of getting bookings.

You may relate to some of them...

  • They spend almost all their band time rehearsing, as ‘getting the band tighter’ means they’ll be a better band and then get more bookings.
  • They spend hours adding new songs to their set list, as they think that by offering potential clients more song choices they’ll ‘beat’ the other bands for choice.
  • They buy more gear in the form of lighting and PA to improve the look and sound quality of their show.
  • They target agencies, send them an email with some links and media then sit back in the hope they'll get sent a stream of bookings.

For some bands doing all this will have some effect on bookings but for the vast majority bookings stay static at best.

It doesn't have to be like this...

Imagine a situation in a few months, a year or even 10 years from now where you’re performing at some of the best venues, for private and corporate clients who are cheerfully and gladly paying you top dollar fees to perform for their guests.

Where you’re treated by clients and venue owners with the respect your talent deserves.

Where you’re known and respected amongst your peers in the musician community because of the success you’ve achieved.

Where the demand for your band is so high that you get to pick and choose which gigs you take.

Where the cash your making goes way beyond just supporting the band and opens up a wealth of opportunities to afford the luxuries that have sat on your wish list for so long.

All Of This And More Is Possible

Beyond Bar Band can make this a reality for you.

It's a step by step guide that shows you how to tap into the lucrative private events market, position your band for premium quality gigs and score those top dollar bookings you deserve.

Here's What Musicians Just Like You Are Saying About The Program

What The Program Can Do For You...

  • Lay out for you a step by step targeted and focused marketing and promotion plan so that the limited time you have to spend on your band marketing is productive.
  • Give you the confidence to speak and build rapport with prospective clients on the phone making every call effortless and massively increasing your chance of securing more bookings without the need to reduce your fees.
  • Show you how to find and expose yourself to new audiences so that you’re always growing and taking strides forward as a band
  • Show you how to create seriously powerful video promotional material on a boostrappers budget so that prospective clients can’t help but want to book you, even if they haven’t seen you live.
  • Show you how to stand out from other competing bands, stop being undercut on price and get the fees you want

Here's What You Get Inside Beyond Bar Band

Module 1: Keystone Marketing

No cost and low cost ways to leverage your network, get more gigs from the gigs you’ve got, and dominate your local market for wedding, private party and corporate event bookings.—
  • A super simple technique that connects you with local event vendors and venues in a way that makes them remember you.
  • Venue and Vendor Networking: Two ways to become THE band of choice in the eyes of event venues and event vendors so that they send you a stream of qualified and eager prospects wanting to book your band.
  • Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got: How to use you bar, pub and event gigs to land more wedding, private party and corporate event bookings.

Module 2: Cover Band Branding 101 & Your Website

How to stand out from the competition, stop being undercut on fees and turn your website into a sales and marketing machine (without breaking the bank).
  • The 6 Booking Triggers: The simple yet powerful framework that makes sense of your marketing and gets you more bookings.
  • How to avoid being just another ‘me too’ cover band and falling into the ‘cover band commodization trap’
  • Cover Band Branding 101: The 4 step system to creating a killer cover band brand, do thst you stand out from your competition and get noticed by better clients.
  • How to transform your cover band website into your own personal sales and marketing machine that works while you sleep.
  • Specific frameworks on what pages to have on your website and specific frameworks on how to create content that hooks the visitor in, engages them and drives them to make an enquiry or book your band.

Module 3: Potent Promotion

How to create promotional material that puts your cover band marketing on steroids, 10x’s your value in the eyes of the client and gives you the confidence to command higher fees.
  • The anatomy of a promo showreel that sells your band.
  • 3 step by step methods on how to create video promo showreels that 10x your value in the eyes of the client no matter what your budget.
  • The 3 step process to creating super powerful video testimonials at no cost and just using your camera phone.
  • How to create case study and success story videos that take your client ‘behind the scenes’ so that they truly understand you’re worth the fees you’ve asked for.
  • How to create Q&A talking head videos that help build a relationship with prospectives clients when you’re not even there.

Module 4: Getting the Gig

Know how much to charge, stop losing bookings to other bands, ensure you’re not being undercut on fees and learn how to sell without feeling like a sleazy salesman.
  • The 6 key factors you must consider when deciding what price to charge
  • The step by step process of how to deal with an incoming enquiry that gives you the very best chance of securing the booking.
  • The tried and tested quote template that uses cutting edge ethical persuasion tactics to get you more bookings. Just fill in the blanks and send!
  • The simple yet highly effective way to keep track of all enquiries that reminds you to follow them up.
  • How to respond to the price question that turns the conversation around and puts you in control to get the booking at the price you want.
  • The 7 key pillars to effective phone calls that build rapport and secure bookings without feeling like you’re even selling.
  • HD Quality Video

    4 hours of super high quality HD video.

  • Fully Responsive Design

    Access from any desktop, mobile or tablet.

  • Case Studies & Examples

    Case studies and examples included in all modules.

  • Multiple Formats

    Downloadable MP3 audio, video, transcripts and power point slides.

You'll Also Receive These Bonuses Worth $179

3 Bonuses

  • Bonus #1 - How To Outsource Website Design and Save Up To 80%

    Good design is critical to the success of your band. It can also be very costly. In this video you’ll learn how to not only outsource your design but also website maintenance, video editing and a whol lot more to a pool of highly skilled designers at a fraction of the cost.

  • Bonus #2 - Your Personal CRM System

    Keeping a track of your enquiries, follow ups and sales is key to staying one step ahead of the competition. This downloadable spreadsheet allows you to do all of this and more to ensure you’re always on top of things and one step ahead of the other bands.

  • Bonus #3 - How To Use Echosign Esignature Software

    A contract between you and your client is critical to ensuring you’re covered for any eventuality. It can be a massive drain on your time though. In this video you’ll learn how to massively reduce the time spent dealing with ‘paperwork’.

How Much Does All Of This Cost?

Full lifetime access to the program for a one-time only fee of $197

I’m so confident you’ll get results from the program that I’m also offering a guarantee.

Buy today, go through the material. If you decide it’s not for you then contact me within 60 days and I’ll give you a FULL refund.

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If you experience any difficulties whatsoever you can email me at or call me on +44 (0)20 8349 1933 (yes that is my personal phone number). I'll help you get set up.

Beyond Bar Band is an online course. After your payment you'll create your username and be sent a password enabling you to gain immediate access

So Who's Behind All Of This And Why Should I Listen To You?

Because I'm your unfair advantage. I've been marketing and selling cover bands to private clients for almost 10 years. In fact I still do it every single day through LM2 Entertainment, my cover band management and marketing company. The strategies I teach in Beyond Bar Band are the same ones that continue to pull in hundreds of premium private event gigs year on year.

  • I've taken 9 cover bands from sparse gig diaries to up to 85 bookings a year at premium fees.
  • For the sixth year in a row I'll generate in excess of 1000 leads and enquiries.
  • I've created 5 cover band brands from scratch and positioned them to consistently achieve premium private event bookings from small weddings and private parties through to lavish corporate client award shows and gala dinners
  • I've had articles published in major music business blogs and publications including Music Think Tank, The Musician (UK Musicians Union magazine), International Musician (American Federation of Musicians magazine), Hypebot, MusicClout, Bandzoogle blog and many more.

I'm a self confessed cover band marketing obsessive. I don't believe there's anyone else in the world more knowledgable and experienced in helping cover bands achieve their goals than me.  (if you find one let me have their details as I reckon we could talk cover band marketing for hours!)

Check Out Some Of The Feedback For My Strategies & Advice

Here's What Musicians Just Like You Are Saying About The Program

Implement Only 50% and Your Gig Bookings Will Markedly Improve

I’ve been in the industry for 18 years and I’ve survived. So far.

So, with 18 years of experience behind me, what could the The Gigging Success Revolution possibly teach me?

Well, for a start, it’s a slightly humbling experience. I realised so much stuff I didn’t know and everything I hadn’t done before for my band and career. One slowly learns that getting on in this business is not in fact trial and error at all. It’s strategy. Wise investments. Considered choices. Client profiling. A business plan. There’s a science, but it has nothing to do with rockets.

It’s all unravelled at a comfortable pace, by mentor Brad Lazarus. What I found impressive is how Brad, who has been in the entertainment business many years has kept right up to date with all the technology and has incorporated this into his tutorials, so we’re very much dealing in the present day market.

My feeling is that if like me, you have a tendency to laziness and implemented only 50% of what Lazarus says, your gig bookings will still markedly improve. Anything over 80% and the sky might be your limit

Jeremy Sassoon The Jazz Prescription

If You’re Not Happy With The Number Of Gigs You’re Getting Then You Need This Course.

When I bought Beyond bar Band I already had what I felt was a professional looking website and a good showreel. We were getting some gigs but I wanted more.

Since implementing some of the strategies Brad teaches the band has moved forward massively.

Just making some small changes to the website and how I deal with enquiries and quotes has made all the difference. I took the plunge and started doing Google Adwords which is bringing in enquiries and bookings already.

Brad’s help has made a phenomenal difference in the number of bookings I am now taking.

It’s exciting when you put in place some of the strategies and you actually see a difference.

I just want to do more of it now! If you’re not happy with the number of gigs your getting then you need this course.

If you listen and work with Brad’s ideas you will certainly reap the benefits.

Adam Levitt All Covered Up Party Band

Backed By Our Triple Guarantee

  • Quality

    If for any reason you don’t absolutely love Beyond Bar Band, even if you don’t like the colour of the cover or the speed of the recordings, simply email us within 60 days and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund.

  • Results

    Whether you’ve just started your band or been gigging for years you’ll find a wealth of actionable strategies and tactics to use right now. If you don’t feel you can benefit from any of the material presented just email us within 60 days and we’ll refund you in full.

  • Impact on Your Life

    The extra income from your band has the potential to change your life. To make that happen you must make a change to how you market and sell your band. Beyond Bar Band will help you do that. If after having gone through the program you feel as though it cannot make a difference to your gig numbers and fees, simply contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

Full lifetime access to the program for a one-time only fee of $197


I’m so confident you’ll get results from the program that I’m also offering a guarantee.

Buy today, go through the material. If you decide it’s not for you then contact me within 60 days and I’ll give you a FULL refund.

Beyond Bar Band is temporarily closed

Leave your email address below to get on the waiting list and be the first to know when it’s open for enrollment.

We value your privacy and would never spam you

If you experience any difficulties whatsoever you can email me at or call me on +44 (0)20 8349 1933 (yes that is my personal phone number). I'll help you get set up.

Beyond Bar Band is an online course. After your payment you'll create your username and be sent a password enabling you to gain immediate access


Don’t make your mind up now. Buy the program, review it and use it. If after 60 days you decide you feel it’s not for you just send us an email and we’ll refund you in full. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

Before purchasing the program others had these questions.

  • Q.What specifically will I learn in this program?

    A.You will learn simple yet highly effective strategies and tactics that’ll get you more gigs and at higher fees for private and corporate events.

  • Q.Isn't this program for professional cover bands only?

    A.No. This program is for anyone who runs a cover band (pro, semi-pro and hobby based musicians) and wants to get more lucrative gigs at weddings, private parties and corporate event.

  • Q.Is this program only for cover bands?

    A.It is primarily geared and structured for cover bands although the strategies and tactics we teach can be applied to musicians working in all areas of the entertainment business.

  • Q.It sounds like there's a lot of information. Will I have time to go through it all?

    A.Take it step by step. Implementing one strategy at a time is the best and most manageable approach. Just doing one or two things has the potential to make a big difference. You will have lifetime access to this material.

  • Q.I can just get this info on the internet can't I?

    A.Yes you can but you’ll spend hours and hours trying to find it, bringing it all together and only then can you start to use it to your advantage. We’ve laid out the info in an easy to consume systemised way so that you can start using it and getting results immediately.

  • Q.I've tried promoting my band in the past but it didn't seem to have much effect.

    A.The strategies in the program, if implemented effectively, will get you results. They have been tried and tested on cover bands of all types and styles.

  • Q.Do I need to wait for anything in the post?

    A.No. The program is delivered digitally through a secure login to a members area. On purchase you’ll be emailed your logins and will have access instantly.

  • Q.What if I buy it and want to get a refund later?

    A.No problem. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If at any time you want to get your money back just email us and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

  • Q.We're a great band so the gigs will just start coming in soon. We don't need to do all this marketing stuff.

    A.A mediocre band that markets and sells itself will get more gigs than a great band that does nothing to promote themselves. Sales and marketing is a vital part of building your bands success. See it this way; If you’ve got a great band why would you not want to let all your prospective clients know you exist and are the best option for their wedding, party or event!