How To Tap Into The Lucrative Private Events Market, Position Your Band For Premium Quality Local Gigs And Score Those Top Dollar Bookings You Deserve

Dear Friend

My name's Brad Lazarus.

That's me on the right.

Let me ask you a question...

Are you desperately searching for those better paid gigs you know you deserve?

Do you ever secretly wonder how bands half as good as yours pick up premium quality bookings at prestigious venues for high dollar fees?

Are you sick and tired of the low fees offered by bars, pubs and clubs because you know you're worth way more?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

“I want better bookings, not necessarily more”

“We need methods of reaching out to new clients”

“We lack the savvy to break into more desirable venues and private gigs”

“I just need to know how to market ourselves”

“We have a hard time selling ourselves”

Have you tried to get gigs using any of these methods?

I speak with numerous cover band musicians every week and notice commonalities in the way they approach the whole process of getting bookings.

You may relate to some of them...

  • They spend almost all their band time rehearsing, as ‘getting the band tighter’ means they’ll be a better band and then get more bookings.
  • They spend hours adding new songs to their set list, as they think that by offering potential clients more song choices they’ll ‘beat’ the other bands for choice.
  • They buy more gear in the form of lighting and PA to improve the look and sound quality of their show.
  • They target agencies, send them an email with some links and media then sit back in the hope they'll get sent a stream of bookings.

For some bands doing all this will have some effect on bookings but for the vast majority bookings stay static at best.

It doesn't have to be like this...

Imagine a situation in a few months, a year or even 10 years from now where you’re performing at some of the best venues, for private and corporate clients who are cheerfully and gladly paying you top dollar fees to perform for their guests.

Where you’re treated by clients and venue owners with the respect your talent deserves.

Where you’re known and respected amongst your peers in the musician community because of the success you’ve achieved.

Where the demand for your band is so high that you get to pick and choose which gigs you take.

Where the cash your making goes way beyond just supporting the band and opens up a wealth of opportunities to afford the luxuries that have sat on your wish list for so long.

All Of This And More Is Possible

Beyond Bar Band can make this a reality for you.

It's a step by step guide that shows you how to tap into the lucrative private events market, position your band for premium quality gigs and score those top dollar bookings you deserve.

What The Program Can Do For You...

  • Lay out for you a step by step targeted and focused marketing and promotion plan so that the limited time you have to spend on your band marketing is productive.
  • Give you the confidence to speak and build rapport with prospective clients on the phone making every call effortless and massively increasing your chance of securing more bookings without the need to reduce your fees.
  • Show you how to find and expose yourself to new audiences so that you’re always growing and taking strides forward as a band
  • Show you how to create seriously powerful video promotional material on a boostrappers budget so that prospective clients can’t help but want to book you, even if they haven’t seen you live.
  • Show you how to stand out from other competing bands, stop being undercut on price and get the fees you want

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